About Us


WEIDA STEEL INDUSTRIES SDN BHD (WSI), is a manufacturer of steel pipes in Sarawak. Being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Weida Group, a key player in water infrastructure products, WSI aims to be a leading supplier of quality steel pipes for use in infrastructure projects.

Our Manufacturing Plant

With our manufacturing plant in Demak Laut Industrial Park, Kuching. WSI has a maximum production capacity of 30,000MT of steel pipes per annum. The plant is equipped with various downstream equipment to manufacture pipes for different applications.

Manufacturing Process

WSI produces steel pipes from hot-rolled coils (HRC) using the continuous, automated spiral pipe manufacturing technology, which adopts high-speed, double Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) process to weld the pipes. WSI can produce steel pipes from 400mm to 1600mm in diameters, with HRC thicknesses of up to 20mm. WSI uses high quality HRCs, commonly of grades S235, S275 or S355, from international renowned steel mills to produce its spiral pipes.

1. HRC Loading & Uncoiling

2. Coil Flattening

3. Coil Shearing & Jointing

4. Edge Milling

5. Pipe Forming

6. SAW Welding (Internal)

7. SAW Welding (External)

8. Pipe Cutting

Steel pipes are widely used as MSCL (Mild Steel Cement Lined) water pipes and structural pipe piles.

To produce MSCL pipes, the ends of a spiral pipe are press-formed into socket on one end, and spigot on the other. The pipe is then hydrotested to check the integrity of the spiral welds. The pipe is then externally shot blasted, primed and then coated with bitumen. However, if the pipe is used for aboveground applications, it is not bitumen-coated, but painted with zinc chromate. The pipe is then internally-lined with cement using a centrifugal spinning machinery. Cement-lined pipes are allowed to be cured for a period of time, and then labelled before delivery.

1. End Forming

2. Shot Blasting

3. Primer Painting

4. Bitumen Coating

5. Cement Lining

For structural steel piles, the pipes can be supplied to customer’s specifications on diameter, thickness, lengths as well as finishing requirements. The piles can be shot blasted and applied with protective coating.

Quality Control

WSI is committed to ensuring that our customers receive goods which meets the specifications and of high and consistent quality. The Quality Control Department is equipped with the relevant testing equipment like the Hydrotester, Tensile and Compression testing rigs.

QC personnel carries out inspection, measurements and tests on both raw materials and pipes at various stages of the production processes as required by the product standards.

WSP Mild Steel Cement Lined (MSCL) Water Pipes

Mild Steel Cement lined (MSCL) pipes and fittings are widely used in Malaysia for water treatment plants, water distribution networks, raw water transfer projects and pipe replacement in non-revenue water management.

WSI manufactures high-quality MSCL water pipes and fittings under the brand name of WSP. WSP MSCL pipes are manufactured and certified to BS 534:1990 as well as SPAN TS 21827: Part 1 & 2: 2013. WSP pipes ranges from 400mm to 1600mm in diameter and up to 12m in lengths.

Steel Pile Pipes

WSI steel pipes can also be used as foundation pipes for bridges and wharfs or structural columns for building construction. WSI steel pipes can be made up to 30m in a single length. Longer lengths will require splicing. Pile pipes are commonly manufactured to EN 10219 standards.